Change your mind, and you change your world.
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Proportion Perceptions by Tobias 2 days ago
I want to do a little informal experiment, and would appreciate volunteers!
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Avoidance Coping by Tobias 7 days ago
The best way to deal with anxiety is to just avoid any situations that cause it, right??
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The Crime of Desiring to Die? by Tobias 2 weeks ago
I just want to say that I'm not dead yet, because I got (but didn't answer) a call from the police last night. I didn't know it was from the police until after I'd failed to answer it, and it might have nothing to do with anything here, but still, I thought I should say something to be sure.
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New Year's Resolutions 2018 by Tobias 2 weeks ago
Did I do any of the things I hoped to do in 2017? What do I intend to make of 2018?
Do you think that what we find attractive is determined by our life experiences and personal preferences, our biology, or a combination of the two? I think about what's attractive and what's not quite a lot, especially in regards to the 3D models I've spent much of the year making or tweaking.